The Blake House was founded and launched by Jason Wiley on July 15th, 2015.

The Blake House (TBH) roots are much deeper and older than 2015, they go back over 25 years. TBH was birthed out of the No Longer Bound Regeneration Program. In 2006 Jason`s life had become unmanageable and in ruin from an addiction to crack and methamphetamine. He was left with two options, jail or a program. Jason then entered NLB and began the process of healing. It was at NLB where Jason was set free by Jesus Christ from the bonds of his addiction. After completing the program he decided to stay and serve as a disciple for an additional 10 months. It was during this time that God gave him a vision of starting his own program in west GA.


In 2011 after being at NLB for 5 years, God opened the door to Jason's vision. NLB launched No Longer Bound West Ga as a satellite campus in Bremen ga. Jason was asked to run and oversee the program, along with Blake Chapman. Together Jason, Blake, and 14 men in the program made the journey to west ga. The program grew bigger and faster than ever expected. This was the proof that God wanted a regeneration program in Bremen.


On 11/12/13 Blake Chapman passed on to our creator in his sleep. It was a devastating loss for everyone. He was a big part of the foundation of NLB west ga. He was truly a saint and could love like no other. Blake understood Gods love for him and was able to display that to everyone. He remained open, willing, and teachable all the days of his life as a minister. He will always be loved and missed, but forever ingrained in the ministry. It was during this time that No Longer Bound`s vision had changed from a multi-campus program to being a singular campus with strategic partner programs. The first of these strategic partnerships was to be the west ga campus.


With NLB`s new vision came the birth of a new program. Jason and his staff began to work diligently on launching this new program. The first thing that Jason had to do was to decide on a name for the program. What better way for Blake Chapman a.k.a. “Paw” to have his legacy live on than to name the program after him, The Blake House. Blake remains a testament to Gods awesome love, that he can always bring life from death.


Jason Wiley is now the founder and Executive Director of The Blake House. Nate Stephens is the Program Director and was one of the original 14 men to make the journey west. Together we stand with God, family, friends and community to make this vision a reality.